Terms and conditions

1. General
Entering muZIEum is at your own risk. Parents and supervisors are responsible for the behavior of children. Always follow the instructions of the staff.

We kindly ask visitors to respect the interior and museum pieces and to deposit waste in the designated waste bins. If visitors do not comply with the said rules or cause any form of disturbance, employees may remove them from muZIEum. In that case, the visitor is not entitled to compensation.

2. Acces to muZIEum
You can only participate in the experiences in muZIEum if your name is in the POS system. The muZIEum can always decide to deny a visitor access, for example if they are under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or if they disturb the order.

3. Children and guidance
For the Tour in total darkness, the recommended age is 8 years and older.

Children under the recommended age are not allowed to participate in the experiences as per muZIEum rules. Infants in a baby carrier or carried on the arm cannot be brought along in the experiences.

Children between 8 and 12 years old must be accompanied by at least one adult. When a child in this age group decides to leave the dark experience, the adult supervisor (and all children supervised by this supervisor) are required to leave the experience as well.

When an adult supervisor decides to leave the experience, all children under his or her supervision are required to leave the experience as well.

In this case, the visitor is not entitled to compensation. It is not possible to interrupt the experience and resume it later.

4. Limited mobility, hard of hearing or pregnant
A large part of the muZIEum building is accessible for people using a wheelchair or walker. There is a lift, a disabled toilet, ramps and wider doorposts.

The Tour in total darkness is not suitable for visitors who have difficulty walking or who use an aid such as a wheelchair or walker.

If you are hard of hearing or pregnant, or if you want to visit the muZIEum with a wheelchair, walker or other aid, please contact us via 024 - 200 10 50 or via reserveringen@muZIEum.nl. We will then look at the possibilities together.

5. Canceling your visit or changing your reservation
Do you want to change your reservation or cancel the visit? muZIEum has reserved the places in the experience for you and made sure to schedule a guide for each experience. For this reason, we handle cancellation conditions that you can find here.

6. Refund in case of absence, late arrival or other circumstances
In the following situations, muZIEum does not provide a refund or any other compensation:
• If one or more visitors are not present at the start time of the experience they have reserved.
• In case of illness or absence.
• If the expectations of the visit do not match the experience.
• In case of a delay.
• If one or multiple of the museum screens are not working.
• If the visitor is feeling unwell during the visit.
• In case of loss or theft of the admission ticket.
• If the visitor has obtained an admission ticket from a third party who has not fulfilled the payment obligation to muZIEum.
• If the visitor leaves the experience for whatever reason during the tour.

If, for whatever reason, the visitor does not make use of the admission ticket obtained, this is their own responsibility. Once an admission ticket has been obtained, it cannot be exchanged. In these situations, the entrance fee will not be refunded.

It is possible that the scheduled guide for the experience cannot be present due to circumstances such as illness or an emergency. The muZIEum will strive to arrange a replacement guide so that the visit can take place. If this is not successful, muZIEum will contact the visitor to either propose an alternative date or to cancel the booking free of charge.

7. Security
For the safety of visitors, it is not allowed to enter technical areas or other areas that are only intended for staff. The muZIEum is not responsible for damage to personal items, clothing or to the body.

8. Personal belongings
Free lockers are available in muZIEum to store your belongings. Prior to entering the dark experience, we also request that you leave all objects that could light up (for examples phones and watches) in a locker.

It is not allowed to carry weapons or other dangerous objects (this is determined by the employees) in muZIEum. In the experiences, it is not allowed to bring sound equipment or toys.

9. Tours
The tours of the MUZIEUM have been designed in such a way that a maximum of seven persons at a time can take part. For the outside tour a maximum of six persons has been set. The MUZIEUM retains the right to combine smaller groups in one tour. The MUZIEUM is not responsible for any damage. The tour in total darkness is managed through several technologies. Delays may be possible in case of malfunctions in our technology. The MUZIEUM does not provide refunds or discounts as a result of delays.

9. Food and beverages
It is not allowed to bring your own food or drink to muZIEum. For drinks and snacks, we welcome you to our muZIEum cafe.

10. Pets and guide dogs
Guide dogs and service dogs are welcome in muZIEum, except during the tour in total darkness. A special bench has been set up for the dogs where they can stay in during the experience. If you are planning to visit muZIEum with a guide dog, we kindly ask you to contact us in advance by calling 024 - 200 10 50 or sending an e-mail to reservations@muZIEum.nl.

Other animals are not allowed in muZIEum, for the safety of both the animals and the visitors.

11. Clothing and footwear
In the Tour in total darkness, it is not allowed to wear luminous or reflective clothing or shoes. We recommend to wear comfortable shoes for all our experiences.

12. Photography
During the Tour in total darkness, it is not allowed to take pictures or videos. Photography is allowed on the activity square and during the Expeditie ribbelroute but only for personal use. Publication of visual and/or sound material is prohibited, unless the management of muZIEum has given prior written permission.

Visitors may be filmed or photographed during their vistors.

13. Number of participants experiences
For the Tour in total darkness, there is a maximum of seven participants per tour. Bigger groups can be divided over multiple experiences. For the Ribbelroute Expedition, the maximum is six participants. The muZIEum may decide to combine smaller groups into one group.

14. Damage and liability
The muZIEum is carefully maintained. Safety for both visitors and employees is considered a priority. If, as a visitor, you notice an unsafe situation, we ask to report this to a muZIEum employee as soon as possible.

If a visitor experiences damage during their visit to muZIEum, or unintentionally causes damage to muZIEum, this must be reported before departure. Compensation is only possible if this is reported at that time.

The muZIEum is not responsible for any damage suffered by a visitor, unless this damage is the direct result of intentional behavior by muZIEum or an employee.

When items are entrusted to muZIEum and they are lost or damaged, muZIEum cannot be held liable. This exclusion of liability does not apply if muZIEum receives compensation from an insurance company or other third parties for the relevant risk.

15. Promotion and sales
It is not permitted to promote or sell services and/or products within muZIEum or on the muZIEum site, unless prior written permission has been obtained from the management of muZIEum.

16. Smoking
Smoking is not allowed in the muZIEum building.

17. Toilets
During the experience, that takes around one hour, it is not possible to use the toilet. The muZIEum advises visitors to visit the restrooms (that are available in muZIEum) prior to the experience.

18. Processing personal data
The muZIEum considers it important to protect the privacy of the people who visit the website. We handle personal data with care and ensure their safety. We follow the rules of the General Data Protection Regulation. We would never sell or rent visitor data to others.

Visitor data can be used to inform visitors about new products and projects. To unsubscribe from the newsletter, click the button in the newsletter or contacting muZIEum. For more information, read the full privacy statement here.