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What is it like to be blind or partially sighted? During a visit to muZIEum (muSEEum) you will experience it yourself. Enter a world in which your other senses - hearing, smell, touch and taste - suddenly play a far more important role than you are used to.

The muZIEum is not a museum where you admire objects on display. You are an important part of the experience yourself. We offer two different tours in absolute darkness. Our tour guides are blind or partially sighted and are happy to tell you more about living with sight loss.

Tour in absolute darkness

During this tour you will experience what life would be like if you were blind. In a pitch black room you will literally see nothing. We offer two different tours in absolute darkness. During the 'A day in the life of…' tour, our guide shows you the everyday life of someone who is blind and tells you about their experiences. You can also choose to immerse yourself in the vacation atmosphere during the 'On a city trip with…' tour, of course all without sight.

The tours in absolute darkness are available for everyone with a minimum age of 8 years old. The duration of the tour is 90-120 minutes.

Book your tour

We are happy to welcome international visitors. If you would like to visit us, please call us to book a tour in advance. That way, we can guarantee that a guide will be waiting for you. We have guides who can speak English. Please also inform us about any other relevant personal information, such as disability or pregnancy. We are happy to advise you and to make sure the tour you choose fits your situation.

Note: unfortunately, it is not possible to book these tours online. Please call us at +31 (0)24 200 10 50. Or email us: reserveringen@muzieum.nl.

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You can call us at +31 (0)24 200 10 50. Or email us: reserveringen@muzieum.nl.